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On people's opinions
On people's opinions
By Jana VanDyke

Does it hurt people's opinions of you or your material if you approach them instead of vice-versa?

No, not at all. You have to approach others with your material and talent. Even if you were to have an agent, you must keep working on your own behalf. Never allow an agent to do all your work for you unless you're already a well known name in your field. As stated in other blogs... Always self promote!

For example and hypothetically, let's say George Clooney has just met an author who has written a book that George has read and liked. And let's say that George would like to see this author's work become a major motion picture and he'd like to direct it. Would it hurt George Clooney at all for telling this author that he would like to see this author's work turned into a major motion picture and that he would like to direct it? No, not at all.

If George wants it, he will go after it.

If you want it, you need to go after it.

Now here is food for thought on the subject. Having an agent does make you look more professional within the entertainment industry. It is a good idea to have one. It is not 100% necessary in the beginning, but you will find at some point not having an agent can hurt you. The major companies within the industry will most likely not want to talk to you. They want to deal with the hired professionals behind the talent. You will certainly know when not having an agent is hurting you. You will be told.