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Professionalism in the entertainment industry
Professionalism in the entertainment industry
By Jana VanDyke

So, I had this strange dream about Oprah. I dreamed that Oprah got real upset and jealous of another talk show host with the same name as Oprah. When you hear the name Oprah, you immediately think of the celebrity Oprah Winfrey. But what if I am talking about Oprah Smith? Anyway, in the dream, Oprah W got real upset with Oprah S and she acted in a less than desirable manner. Now, please remember this is only my dream, but it does tell you what is weighing heavy on my mind and heart at this time. Professionalism in the entertainment industry is an absolute must!

The following is public knowledge and references can be found all over the internet.

Slandering other professionals in your industry, publicly, is a NO NO. It is frowned upon. It is perceived as petty jealousy and just plain ignorant. Industry moguls and professionals alike will not tolerate it. Ask Isaiah Washington. It is speculation that Isaiah's contract on Grey's Anatomy was not renewed due to his lack of professionalism. Just Google his name!

Acting as if you're better than anyone else is also a NO NO. It is OK and very necessary to be confident in the entertainment industry, but it is not OK to have a better-than-thou attitude. Ask Sean Young. Sean seriously damaged her beautiful career by telling the world that she was better than anyone else and that certain roles were "her" roles. I read this article on her a while back and was shocked. Here it is...,,20056516,00.html.

Stealing some other talent's work is grounds for a lawsuit. Ask any successful artist who's been a victim of copyright infringement.

Lying to the public is a NO NO. Ask Bill Clinton. Need I say more?

Sabotaging another professional is a NO NO and sometimes could be grounds for a lawsuit. Ask Tonya Harding.

Being a bigot or racist is a NO NO. Ask Michael Richards who played Kramer on Seinfeld.

Oh you get the idea here. There are individuals out there that do commit these wrongdoings in the entertainment industry. The few people mentioned above were all seriously harmed by their actions. These individuals are public figures and well known within the media. They purposely did these things. You have to be held accountable for your actions no matter who you are. That is when you have to say watch out for karma.

The Encarta definition of karma is this:

Actions determining the future state – In Hindu and Buddhist philosophy, the quality of somebody's current and future lives as determined by that person's behavior in this and in previous lives.

Atmosphere – The atmosphere radiated by a place, situation, person, or object.

Oh and there are more I could list, but I'm trying to keep this short, sweet and to the point.

Remember that if you're planning a career in the entertainment industry, you're taking a public position of which many eyes will see you and judge you. Your actions have to be carefully thought out.

Here is a quote from me..."If you breed ugliness, you will bear ugliness."